Branding Board

Branding Carol Helton Digital Art

For my Logo I decided to use Sans Serif typeface and I designed two logos . The first Logo for my branding board is the Logo that I will be using in my pictures and the second logo is the logo that I will use in places such as my pricing sheet and photography contracts. The color scheme will be used mostly in places like my pricing sheet and I want to keep the color scheme simple in my website so my digital art stands out. The main colors I want to use in my website branding are beige, white and black, I believe simplicity is beautiful. You can see that in this branding board I have applied my logo in a picture and in a mock up to see how it would look in different places. I am considering using the first logo in portraits and the second logo in landscapes but I definitely will try to use only one logo to brand my web page and art. 

Branding Mood Board

For the pricing sheet I decided to use the color scheme I personalized for my brand. Also I used my secondary logo since it fit better with the style of my design. 

Photography Price sheet