Indoor Product Photography

Wristwatch – Indoor product photography

For this indoor product photography project, I chose a men wristwatch and since the color of the watch is black, I thought I could include a dramatic effect to create contrast. So I placed flour on a plate and colored it to look blue and tried to create lines starting from the wristwatch. I used a flashlight to illuminate the plate and the wristwatch. The editing process I did with Luminar 4 using a dodge and burned technique to create contrast in the background mostly. It was fun doing this and I definitely want to keep creating indoor product photography.

Before and After Editing Process

Toothbrush-Indoor product photography

For this product I really wanted the green of the toothbrush to highlight and create an interesting line, so I put it in different positions to see which one would look better for an indoor photography. I decided to put a little bit of toothpaste to make it interesting and help the toothbrush stand out more. Also since it is a toothbrush I wanted to represent the freshness of the mint and that is why I decided to use green toothbrush and green toothpaste and also that is the reason I decided to blurred part of the toothbrush to represent air and freshness.