Outdoor Product Photography

Febreze- Outdoor product photography

It was very interesting taking the outdoor product photography, I took this picture at Yellowstone and there were so many beautiful places to take the picture I finally decided to place it on this piece of wood and have the background blurred to create a pure and simple outdoor product photo. It was a little but hard because there was a lot of light it was about 2:00pm so the sun was very strong for an outdoor product photo, but at the end I looked for a tree and shadow to be able to see the details on the product Febreze and capture beautiful colors of the product and create and outdoor product photography.




Sparkling water- Outdoor product photography

I took this picture at Yellowstone as well and as you can see in the back the smoke is from a glacier, which I thought it would give a nice background for a sparkling water product photography. It was very tricky to get the lights and shadows of the sparkling water because it would be to light or to dark, but the editing process in Luminar 4 was great and help create contrast in the sparkling water product photography.