Personal Style Project 

Personal Style Project Description

For my Personal Style Project, I focused on Portrait Lifestyle Photography. I planned four photoshoots. The first one was a college
graduate photoshoot. The second one was a photoshoot of a couple. The last two were two models with a specific style.

Each photo shoot was about 2-3 hours, with the editing process, print design, the project took me about 20-25 hours. The
resources I used were Luminar 4, a diffuser, and a reflector.

I  produced 4 new blog posts and delivered 6 photos in each blog post. In the original plan, I said I was going to produce 12 pictures total, but I decided to do more and I produced 24 pictures in total. Click on the blue button below and check out the next photoshoots! Below you can see the mockup of my brochure I did with the images from this project, and you can also see the first photoshoot.