I had the opportunity to develop content for a personal account named Positive Vibes. During the process of developing this account I learned the importance of choosing segmentation, promoting the account through ads, and create content according to the audience needs.For this project I used Facebook and Instagram. Below is the video link with a summary of the project and an example of the IPPIE plan I used when I started this project . The plan was refined each week, by focusing on the customer needs.



What is the main clear message of your brand?

In a busy lifestyle it is okay to pause and have love for yourself.

Who is your audience (define them here)?

The primary audience is college students and workers Men and Women ages from 18-35 with a busy work or academic life. This includes dads and moms as well.


What actions would you like your audience to take?

I would like them to purchase one of the products designs, but only by engaging with my posts would be a great outcome.

Seascape Principles

Which seascape principles will accompany your brand’s message?

I want to be using the attention and the principle of value.


How will the seascape principles connect with your audience and get them to take action?

My posts are there to help those that need to learn how to find attention for themselves in a busy schedule. Most of my posts will be to increase the value and attention for themselves.

Which taboos should be avoided when branding your channel?

I don’t want to have a lot of giveaways and post a lot of stories. I think giveaways can remove the value of your work and posting a lot of stories can be annoying for the audience.

For your IPPIE Plan, having considered your audience and how to connect with them, plan your strategy and execution.


Who: What will you do in the content project to connect with your audience?

To connect with the audience I will post stories, a giveaway, post videos of how I do the designs, and posts.

Where: Do the channels have different requirements or taboos?

Sometimes I think that people are not aware that hashtags can be excessive, hashtags should be concise and relevant to the content. This is for both platforms Facebook and Instagram. Also, simple and short captions most of the times work better because people do not like to read long captions.

What: List each piece of content needed for the project and describe what each of those pieces of content will contain.

Short and direct captions ( short descriptions and no more than 3 hashtags), product designs (simple and creative designs that the audience can connect to).Photography (Creative photography that the audience can engage and connect)

 When, Schedule for the project.

I need to post at least 1-3 times on Instagram a week, and 1-2 times on Facebook a day. Also 2-3 stories on both platforms a week.

Define Success

Success to me would be if people can engage and relate to the content, I am posting such as likes, comments and shares. Even if they do not buy the products, I consider success if someone can relate to the message I am portraying in my designs.