Scan Art (Scanography)



While thinking what I could do to bring texture and color for this Scanography project, I immediately thought about including colorful fabric, and rock or clay texture. I noticed that most scanography  pictures were plants and flowers, which look beautiful, but I wanted to try something different. I searched everywhere in my house and found this tiny traditional nativity from Guatemala made of traditional cloth and clay and immediatly visualized an interesting scanography picture. I played with different shapes to place the objects on the scanner and I really liked the center position for the nativity. I probably did like 20 previews on the scanner to make sure every object was aligned and get a good scanography picture. In photoshop I cleaned the background until I got a perfect black to do not distract the beautiful texture and colors from the nativity.


Creative Composite of Horse Chess Piece and Small Plant

Creative Composite – Horse chess piece

For this creative composite I was playing chess with my husband and I realized there was great light coming from the window and I told him if we could pause the game so I could take a couple of pictures of the horse chess piece. I loved these chess pieces and especially the expression on the face of the horse chess piece I think is very dramatic. So I decided to place both horse chess piece in the middle to make them look like they are about to fight. I realized that one of the horse chess pieces the light was very interesting on his face so to create a battle mood I put both horse chess pieces in the middle and positioned the horse chess piece as if they are about to “fight”.In photoshop I just played with the highlights and shadows to create more contrast in this creative composite.

Horse Chess Piece

Creative Composite- Small Plant

For this picture I decided to use a jean jacket and a small plant from my wedding bouquet. I cut the small plant and placed it in a way that it looks like it is growing from the mountain made of the the zipper from my  jean jacket. I used natural light coming from the window and the back of the background of the picture is a pillow so it adds a little bit of texture. I cut some parts of the small plant in photoshop to match the size of the small plant with zipper from where it looks the small plant is growing. Another way I like to think of this picture is as if the small plant is underground and the background is soil.

Small Plant Creative Composite